The DiKEViMA project aims at developing a virtual khachkar museum with the aid of engaged volunteers. Visitors explore khachkars in their surroundings and historical context, curators as well as laymen may arrange their own personalized exhibitions taking objects which are originally located in different places and putting them together in a simulated virtual environment to convey a particular message to the audience. The khachkar, a fundamental symbol of Armenia, the oldest Christian nation, is a relief sculpture with a variety of floral and geometric motifs, ancient symbols, ornaments of flowers and trees, birds and grapevines, biblical scenes and imagery. Cross stones have on the front side detailed relief, fine sculptures, complex compositions and decorations carved into the stone. To create a digital instance of a Khachkar, we need sophisticated techniques to bring the complex sur-faces structures into a three-dimensional model and a 3D immersive environment that inspires creativity and engagement of the visitors.

Contributed work in different categories of tasks by engaged volunteers and experts to realize the virtual museum is indispensable:

  • Creating and enhancing digital 3D exhibits and context, i.e. cross stones and their surroundings and the architectural context,
  • Providing metadata, name, creator (master), motif for erection, first and actual location, material, style, ornaments, significance, link to contextual frame,
  • Realizing room and landscape design to receive the content,
  • Defining tours, acting as test persons, and contributing to information material and catalogues.

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