Exhibition Templates


The Gallery-Template is in shape of a regular convex polygon.

The main focus of attention is the canvas arrangement placed in front of each wall.
Curators can specifiy a background-image for each canvas or set a colored background. Each canvas will be illuminated by a spotlight mounted at the ceiling.

To display textual information, a canvas can display up to three headlines. If curators need more space to present textual information, they can place up to five Info-Terminals in front of each canvas.


The MediaRoom links multimedia content and exhibition rooms. Visitors can read documents, watch movies or listen to music or recordings. Each media file has a metaphorical 3D representation. Recordings and movies are depicted as film reel, text documents are represented as books and images are displayed within a picture frame.

Content creators can specify the media content of each shelf and adjust sorting-parameters.

Our 3D framework takes over the shelf and multimedia content positioning. If a MediaRoom includes mixed multimedia content or just audio or video files, assets like a projector with canvas and theater chairs will be placed within the MediaRoom. In case of textual or pictorial content (only) the MediaRoom will be supplemented by a reading corner with armchairs, sofas and tables. The MediaRoom will be extended by an additional “multimedia archive”, if curators assing larger multimedia filebases.

EntranceHall, Elevator, Connectors and Assets